5 golden tips to help you sleep better

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A good night's sleep. Also known as one of our most important basic needs. You need sleep to function properly for the rest of the day. Everybody knows that, right? But why do 63% of people say they want to sleep better? That they're not satisfied with their sleep.
We live in a society where much pressure is put on an individual. We have to work, perform, work even more, otherwise we won't be able to pay the rent, mortgage and health insurance. In addition, we also have a family and a household that we have to take care for and maybe children who go to school and then come home with a whole pile of homework. These are all factors that lead us to go on and on and on. The stress level remains high and the hours left for a good night's sleep are getting lower and lower.

Effects of insufficient amount of sleep
It has been scientifically proven that a poor night's sleep increases the chance of chronic fatigue, burn-out, obesity, dementia, diabetes, cancer, depression, and even stroke! In addition, insufficient sleep has been shown to result in behavioral problems and poor cognitive function. This is detrimental to the desire for performance at work and at school.

Sleep Better
To sleep better, it is important that the body gets rest and a sense of safety before it can fall into a deep, quiet sleep. The body and the brain recover only when they are in a deep sleep, also called the deep sleep phase and the REM phase. But how do we get our bodies to sleep in such a quiet state so that we can sleep better in this busy society? There's no time for that, is there?
5 tips for a better night's sleep

  1. To start with, get a steady sleep rhythm. Find out for yourself how many hours of sleep you need to function properly the next day. The average is about 7.5 hours sleep. Make sure you go to bed at a fixed time, but also get up at a fixed time.
  2. Build yourself a quiet evening ritual. Make sure your body and mind get enough rest before closing your eyes. Start with this more than an hour before going to bed. For example, take a hot shower, read a book, mute the lights and allow your body deep pressure with, for example, a weighted blanket or a weighted cushion.
  3. No screen before bedtime. Did you know that over 80% of people take the screen devices to bed? This isn't smart. These screens increase your brain activity, whereas you want to lower your brain activity in order to sleep better. Make sure you do not use screen devices an hour before getting to bed and remove them from the bedroom, so that you are not tempted.
  4. Watch your diet. 66% of people drink caffeine-containing drinks before bedtime and 68% drink alcohol during evening hours. If you want to end up in a deep sleep, I'd put the caffeine and alcohol aside. Both have adverse effects on sleep. The caffeine makes it difficult to get to sleep and the alcohol keeps you in a light sleep, so that your body does not rest. It is also important that you do not eat heavy meals before going to sleep.
  5. Ensure sufficient amount of activities throughout the day. Allow your body and mind moments in the fresh air and make sure you move physically enough. This makes the body feel satisfied at the end of the day, making it easier to fall asleep. And who knows, you might enjoy it a lot!

The effects of a weighted blanket on sleep
Do you really not have time for a quiet evening ritual or are you just so energetic that you really need something more than just exercising throughout the day? Then SensoLife might have the perfect solution for you! Have you ever heard of a weighted blanket or a weighted pillow? These are products with extra weight. Because of the weight, pressure is exerted on the deeper sensors in your body, such as your muscles, tendons and joints. When pressure is applied, a signal is given to your brain that the environment is safe and your body can be at rest. This has a positive effect on falling asleep and sleeping

SensoLife Products to help you sleep better
SensoLife provides weighted blankets, weighted vests, weighted cushions and weighted sleeping bags. Together we will create the ideal weight of the product, which is appropriate for the user. There is also a choice of different colors and sizes. So you can create your own weighted blanket that fits perfectly in your or your child's bedroom, for example, which just makes sleeping a little more pleasant.
Are you ready to sleep better?


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