Assistive products for stimulus processing problems

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In practice, it is often found that it can be difficult for parents, carers and schools to find suitable tools for children with stimulus processing problems.
Sometimes, it can happen on the grounds of such disorders as autism, ADHD, ADS, HSP, Down syndrome or epilepsy. It is not always easy when you perceive stimuli in a different way to an average person. Not only is it difficult for the person affected but also but also for their environment. Fortunately, in our webshop you will find all kinds of tools that can support you or your child in stimulus processing problems. With a wide range of products, SensoLife has a possible solution for every sensory demand.

What are the tools for stimulus processing problems?
Our resources are focused on providing the right doses of stimuli, the reduction of sleeping problems and concentration problems. Doing so, we want to ensure that the quality of life for someone with sensory data processing problems improves.
One of our most popular products is a weighted blanket and weighted vests. Weighted blankets are often used by children or adults who have trouble tuning out and falling asleep in the evening. A weighted vest can be used by children who experience a lot of unrest in their bodies throughout the day or feel uncomfortable in a busy environment. The weight in the blanket or vest creates a deep pressure on the skin, muscles, tendons and joints, which has a calming effect on the brain and body. In addition, it allows a person to feel better about his own body and feel more secure in his environment.

Different types of tools
SensoLife has a wide range of different kinds of tools and resources. We offer weighted blankets, weighted vests, weighted cushions and other educational tools that can regulate the stimulus processing. One person can benefit from experiencing more rest in the body, whereas the other may benefit from activating his alertness, in order to be able to concentrate better. The products that SensoLife offers are designed not only for individuals but also for business customers, such as companies, practices, and institutions.

Advantages of a tool
Using one or more tools has a number of advantages. A tool ensures that you and the people around you can go through life stronger and healthier and deal with their limitations better. For example, a weighted vest helps with problems of concentration and sensory integration. It also helps to calm very active children.
Child with stimulus processing problem
Are you looking for tools for a child with ADHD or autism? Then you've visited the right place. Many of our tools, such as weighted blankets, weighted cushions or weighted vests, are being purchased for children with the above mentioned disorders. Companies such as schools, hospitals, first-line practices and rehabilitation shops or centers can turn to us with regard to the stimulus processing problems and we can in turn offer them a co-operation in this area. Take a look at our products.

Tools for sensory integration problems
Did you know that we also sell tools for sensory integration problems?
This problem is common for children with autism, such as Asperger and PDD-NOS. Children with sensory integration problems often find it difficult where there are many stimuli from the environment. That can be busy environments, such as swimming lessons, but also regular activities such as taking a showers, drying up or getting dressed. With our tools, the development of the senses is stimulated with a possible support for emotional and motor development. Think of experiencing with for example, balancing materials, various Motor Skills Activities or games

SensoLife sells all kinds of tools to support sensory integration therapy, such as Weighted Blankets, weighted sleeping bags, weighted cushions, weighted vests and other products.


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