Better concentration with an weighted pillow!

beter concentreren verzwaringskussen

Better concentration with an weighted pillow!
Appropriate education. A term that's been in the news a lot over the years. As many children as possible in regular education are the target, regardless of their backpack. Unfortunately, there is also a shortage of teachers. There is an increasing number of strikes, the groups are overcrowded, which generates a great deal of tension. Both for the teacher and the students.

Imagine, you're in a classroom with another 30 students. The teacher is in front of the class and is explaining a very difficult calculation. You're trying to focus on the teacher. In the meantime, you see all the other children moving, both in front of you and in the corners of your eyes. Some find the teacher not so interesting and are chatting while the teacher is explaining. Someone else cannot follow the teacher very well, so is asking some other kid what the teacher actually means. Meanwhile, the one of the lamp breaks and starts blinking. Outside, at the yard, the toddlers are enjoying their break. You're doing your best to follow the teacher. Do you think you can manage to stay concentrated for 30 minutes?

Concentration problems due to stimulus processing.
For some children this is not a problem at all. Despite many distractions, they can concentrate or focus better, because they are kept alert by all the stimuli in the environment. There are also children who suffer from this. They can easily become tired, irritated or easily distracted by many stimuli. Another group of students are trying to mute the crowd with their own sounds and movements, which can be uncomfortable for teacher and other students. However, every student is expected to have a good test score at the end of the eighth grade.
That was an example of a primary school environment, but stimulating environments are found in many more places. Think, for example, of your own work, a cinema or other public places.

The effects of deep pressure
People who have difficulty concentrating, sitting still or often feel overwhelmed by many stimuli in the environment can benefit greatly from deep pressure. The deep pressure is directly connected to the brain and has a regulating effect on the stimulation process. By applying deep pressure to the upper legs, the brain gets a signal that you are in a safe situation and you get in more contact with your own body. This will calm the body and reduce the feeling of stress, anxiety or anxiety. The result is that you can concentrate better because the distracting stimuli from the environment come in less hard.

The effects of a weighted pillow
A weighted pillow is a pillow with extra weight. For example, you can lay this pillow on your lap during sitting activities, or on a desired body part when you want to relax in bed or on the couch. Because the pillow is heavier, the pressure is exerted on the deep sensors in the body. Think of the muscles, tendons and joints. The advantage of a weighted pillow is that you can take it with you and thus use it in any desired situation – a child in a classroom or an adult at work. At work, for example, you can use a weighted pillow during computer work or when you need to concentrate properly during a difficult conversation or a meeting. Another example is when doing homework or revising for a test.
SensoLife offers 2 different pillows that can increase concentration and alertness during sitting or lying down activities. The size and weight of the pillow can be adjusted to the user's needs, in order to achieve the greatest possible effect.
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