Examples of sensory integration disorders amongst toddlers and young children

voorbeelden sensorische integratiestoornissen

Examples of sensory integration disorders amongst toddlers and young children
Maybe you were wondering if your child's behavior does not coincidentally indicate a sensory integration disorder.
In this article you will find a number of examples of how children can behave when they have a sensory integration disorder.
However, there is no reason to panic. If you are worried about your child's behavior, contact a therapist in your neighborhood who is a specialist and will certainly, if necessary, apply appropriate therapeutic methods for your child.

Examples of sensory integration disorders in toddlers and young children:

  • Difficulty to calm down, often crying, anger attacks.
  • Avoiding the touch of other people, pushing away from the parent, not tolerating dressing and some hygienic activities.
  • hitting the head against a wall or cradle, biting, squeezing, squeezing himself or others, no sense of strength, too powerful behavior in contact with others, need a strong touch
  • Resistance to sudden changes in the position of the body, resistance to remain in certain positions, must be constantly in motion
  • unhanded, poor balance, constant falling and tripping
  • problem with distance from the caregiver, excessive withdrawal in new situations, excessive emotional lability (from crying to laughing)
  • abnormal muscle tension, postural abnormalities, walking on fingers
  • motor clumsiness, stiffness, reduced balance and coordination, problems in precision activities such as writing, cutting, drawing.
  • sensitivity to touch (avoiding hygienic activities, labels or certain clothing, playing in the sand)
  • Avoiding crowded, noisy, unpredictable places
  • in search of deep pressure
  • hypersensitivity to sounds and visual stimuli

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