How do you choose the weight of the weighted blanket?


This is very specific.

As a general rule, we take 10 to a maximum of 25 % of the body weight. When choosing the right weight, the size of the blanket also plays an important role. The bigger the size, the higher the weight of the blanket should be.
Usually, for children or adults with autism or ADHD, the weight of the blanket can be slightly heavier.

In practice this is as follows:
For a child that is 130 cm long and weighs 35 kg, has autism or/and ADHD, we recommend an weighted blanket of 100 x 150 cm with 5 kg or 120 x 180 cm with 6 kg. If the size of the blanket needs to be larger, for example a standard size of a single person blanket, i.e. 140 x 200 cm, we recommend 7 kg in this case.
The choice of blanket weight is very individual. A blanket of 140 x 200 cm with a weight of 7 kg can also be suitable for an adult woman (around 55 - 60 kg) who has no sensory integration problems, but is just over-stimulated and has trouble by falling asleep.

Another example is an adult who has been diagnosed with sensory integration disorders, is highly sensitive and has anxiety disorders. For a woman weighing 85 kg we recommend a blanket of 140 x 200 cm with a weight of 10 - 11 kg. If someone prefers to sleep under a large blanket, than may take the 200 x 200 cm blanket and add 2 kg to the weight of the blanket, i.e. the blanket will be 12 - 13 kg.

In case of doubt it is always worthwhile to contact the therapists.
Each case is different and the choice of blanket weight is very individual. If you would like more personal advice, please contact us, we will of course be happy to help you.

We are available at the e-mail address:
We strive to respond within 24 hours.


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