How important is a good night's sleep?


How important is a good night's sleep?
What happens if you get less sleep than your body needs for a longer period of time? Just as we become nutrient deficient when we only eat fast food, we will also notice the consequences of a lack of sleep.

Did you know that …. ?
• 56% of people need 30 minutes or more to fall asleep.
• More than 50% people wake up 1 to 2 times a night
• Women often talk about a very light sleep
• People over 40 sleep less often through the whole night.
• 15% sleeps only 5 hours or less

Apparently sleeping well is not that easy at all
Although many people do not know exactly what causes sleep deficiency, 75% are certain, according to a study, that lack of sleep over a prolonged period of time can be a health problem. They are right.
An investment in better sleep is an investment in a healthy life.

• Concentration problems and mental disorders
• Decrease in performance
• Mood disorders and irritation
• Allergies and asthma
• Back complaints
• Abdominal cramps and stomach complaints
• Migraine and susceptibility to infections
• Chronic fatigue, exhaustion and sleepiness
• Weight gain and diabetes
• Risk of burn-out
• Cardiovascular problems
• Increased blood pressure
• Early skin aging
• People with sleep deficiency are sick six times more often

Even if the list is long - with even small changes in your life, you can already improve the quality of your sleep. One of these is SensoLife's weighted blanket that has a great effect. The unique properties of weighted blankets, combined with high-quality materials, will support you through all stages of sleep. With SensoLife weighted blankets, you can improve your sleep both in the short and long term. This significantly reduces the risk of health problems.


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