JollyHeap® blocks in children's animation


Welcome to the adventure with JollyHeap® Magnetic Blocks in a relaxed atmosphere of the game.

This is an absolutely new and unique product. The JollyHeap blocks is an excellent alternative to popular ball pools and etc. They will confidently perfectly fit into all places in which, with pleasure or by necessity, children stay. These are blocks that can be perfectly used while playing with children under the guidance of animators. Thanks to these blocks children stimulate their creativity and ingenuity. Construction of various structures of different shapes and most beautiful colors can be a great and unforgettable adventure for kids. Thanks to them, kids spend time creatively, while having fun. JollyHeap magnetic blocks is a toy that most children all over the world dream of.

This is a great idea for super entertainment for kids in all sorts of events such as birthdays, weddings, parties, etc. The JollyHeap blocks can provide invaluable help for animators and people taking care of children while playing.


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