JollyHeap® Magnetic Blocks - Use on a children's playground

jolly heap magnetische blokken

Important features of Magnetic Blocks JollyHeap®
For each owner of the children’s entertainment center the highlighting of the influence of available toys on the development and intensive use of the imagination by young visitors, can be a great USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for parents. And this is the parents, whom first of all, we must convince and inspire to bring their children to our center… and would like to pay for it!

Watch the video and see examples of the use of the magnetic blocks in the children's playroom.
Our blocks are safe for children, they are made of delicate material (do not contain phthalates, cadmium and primary aromatic amines), soft filler and have no sharp edges, providing a very high level of safety. In addition, our blocks are not dangerous for young children, unlike other toys that contain small parts.

Our blocks provide kids great fun on multiple levels:
➢ starting from a simple touch, rolling or throwing
➢ then building of increasingly complicated structures
➢ and finally playing more or less complicated games with our blocks, which are based on a fairy tales plot, involving children to the center of an exciting, spectacular , long-lasting memorable and unlimited entertainment
It is easy to take care of hygiene with our blocks. If there is such a need, they can be cleaned without any problems with a damp cloth or wash in the washing machine, thus taking care of the hygiene and safety of Your little guests and the tranquility of their parents!


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