Magnetic Blocks JollyHeap® - in physical therapy!


If You are currently working with children, both young and older, and Your work includes such areas as:
• Physiotherapy
• Speech therapy
• Sensory integration
• Oligophrenic pedagogy
• Special Education,
• Other similar treatment options for young patients, we would like to show something new and perhaps innovative for Your work!

It has been known for a long time that during therapy children react on different procedures and exercises in a completely different way than adults. Often, some of the procedures for children are simply inexplicable. In this case, an appropriate approach and appropriate equipment is required, which will cause trust and interest of the child, allowing to continue exercises. At any stage of the activities a child should not feel that therapy is a tedious duty associated with unpleasant feelings. A much better effect of treatment can be achieved when for the child this therapy is associated with fun and joy!

One of the toys, which is always very positively accepted by small patients are building blocks. However, not every set of blocks has the respective wide therapeutic capabilities, not to mention the wide range of applications during therapy of different types of patients – children with disabilities, patients with posture defects or sensory integration disorders.

JollyHeap® Magnetic blocks are primarily designed to give children a lot of fun and development. After several conversations with physiotherapists, this proved to be a phenomenal tool for physiotherapy, providing versatile support for children's motor development at different stages of their lives. With the help of JollyHeap® Magnetic blocks the therapist gets a tool to practice both large and small motor skills!

JollyHeap® Magnetic blocks (thanks to built-in very strong neodymium magnets) ensure a very long lifespan of the constructed structures, even when rehabilitating slightly older and heavier children! JollyHeap® Magnetic blocks are mainly used when working with children with autism and Asperger syndrome. Special sets of JollyHeap blocks are used in the offices of psychologists, pedagogues and therapists. These carefully designed blocks are used by patients to construct metaphorical stories to help them tell their traumatic experiences or to help them cope with stressful situations.

Therapy with Magnetic blocks helps children with autism spectrum develop social competencies (an area that is particularly disturbed in their case). Children learn to work together, to see and communicate with another person!
Children respond very enthusiastically to Jolly Heap blocks during each visit and enjoy the challenging training. The most popular is the use of magnetic blocks in the treatment of children with intellectual disabilities, because magnetic blocks are pleasant to the touch and soft, children have no fear of these blocks. The therapists use them as mattresses, physiotherapy table, obstacle courses, balance training, coordination ladders, slides and ramps, weights, steppers of different heights and even as rollers. A child can also be involved in building all these structures, because building with Jolly Heap magnetic blocks already develops the child's sensory integration, coordination, concentration and attention.


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