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I'm Miriam Bruning, an enthusiastic occupational therapist who found her passion in working with children.
During my training I have studied the development of children and I have been able to train at a children's Services Centre where we tried to improve the quality of life and the participation of children with various conditions and problems within a multidisciplinary team.

It is within this internship that I came into contact with sensory integration therapy and have seen many children with different forms of abnormal stimulation processing.

I have started to make use of this knowledge when I started my own business after graduation.
I always try to find a person in the client and I do it with great pleasure and enthusiasm.
In consultation with the environment (in a creative way) I look for solutions.
I always take good health as my starting point, and always try to use the strengths of a client or child to overcome the problems experienced.

The wonderful thing about working with children is that you can make a positive difference for the rest of the child's life. Children are also dynamic and always in development, which also keeps you sharp as a therapist and helps that the work is never monotonous.

Within the work in the first line it is important to work well with the environment and other disciplines. After all, the occupational therapist assumes the act as an interaction between person-task-environment. Many studies have shown that, although often overlooked or neglected, it can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of the care provided, and you should never underestimate the influence it has on the person (the child). It is therefore that I have also entered into a partnership with SensoLife. By sharing knowledge you always achieve more!

Ergotherapie ’t Batteraofke
Zoetmanstraat 75
6217 NT Maastricht
Kamer 7
Die Niederlande
Schieversbergweg 1
6243 CZ Geule
Die Niederlande
Telefoon: +31 6 43 13 1374
E-mail: bruningergotherapie@outlook.com


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