Magnetic blocks Jollyheap®

Magnetic blocks JollyHeap®

Magnetic blocks are a great help to you in the following areas:

The children's playroom:

It doesn't matter if you already have the playroom for a while or if you just intend to open it. In any case, our JollyHeap® Magnetic Blocks will bring a whole new quality to your business and set a new standard for a lot of fun for your little customers! Want to know why? Read more on our blog. 

Kids Party Animators:

If you are a Children's Party Animator, our JollyHeap® Magnetic blocks can significantly expand your ability to create fun for kids, even if you drive somewhere to do so. Our blocks fit in your car. How else can they help you with your work? Click and find out here!


If you work in an educational centre, we have good news for you. You can use JollyHeap® Magnetic blocks in your work with small children. They are perfect for kindergarten, nursery or daycare! And how can they best help you?  Click here for more information!


Every physiotherapist is well aware of the importance of the atmosphere and the attitude of the child during therapy. Our JollyHeap® Magnetic blocks make sure that every child has fun during the therapy and comes to the next sessions with pleasure. But that's not all! Want to know more? Read about the use of Magnetic blocks in physiotherapy on our blog. 

At home:

Playing is a wonderful way for every child to explore the world! Our JollyHeap® Magnetic Blocks are also a great and comprehensive toy and educational tool, ensuring your child's development is varied and harmonious at the place he or she stays most often, namely at home. To learn more about the possibilities of our JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks in your child's development, click below and read more on our blog. 

JollyHeap® Magnetic blocks - An absolutely new and unique product

Our Magnetic blocks develop:

  • 3D Imagination
  • The logic of thinking
  • Education
  • Great motor skills
  • Creativity

This is the kind of toy that not only provides entertainment, but also extremely stimulates and develops. JollyHeap magnetic blocks help our children develop their powers of perception. They also teach them to be much more creative.

Playing with blocks has great advantages:

  • it trains visual-motor coordination
  • learning shape recognition
  • makes it possible to build collaboration and relationships with peers
  • learns concentration and precision, physical orientation
  • supports the exercise of flexibility and strength

Key features of JollyHeap® Magnetic blocks 


Pleasant tensile force, easy connection, stable construction


All product parts are large and fine in the hand, soft and pleasant.


JollyHeap cubes are not dangerous for children because they are soft and have no sharp edges.


Many applications: building, car, tower, furniture.


Made of soft material that makes no noise. The only sound of playing is the children's laughter.


The Magnetic blocks JollyHeap® are made of durable and safe material and are tested for thorough quality control. Magnetic blocks JollyHeap® are handmade.

We make our magnetic blocks with love and passion. That's why the blocks have a fantastic finish. For the toys we use the best quality materials, durable and safe for children.

Four kinds of shapes

Four types of block shapes provide great opportunities to create interesting forms. This is the simplest and at the same time most stimulating creative toy: magnetic blocks of 4 shapes connect to each other in a very simple way and create two-, three-dimensional figures and objects of any shape and size.

Every element of the JollyHeap toy has undergone strict inspection and certification. The blocks have been inspected and meet the European quality standard: Toys directive №635 PN-EN 71-1, EN 71-2, EN 71-3: 2014-12.

A varied range of colors

The use of a rich color palette of blocks attracts the attention of even the most demanding child. The standard kit always includes two basic colors to facilitate the attraction of the magnets.

Alle maten van 60x80cm tot 220x240cm in elk type deken mogelijk.
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