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Lyke & SensoLife Collaboration

Lyke comes from the Danish language, meaning happiness. However, there is much more to this word. Lyke is also a lifestyle that aims to be happy.

The cooperation between Lyke and SensoLife is based on a common mission, which is to help develop, self-improve and above all create happiness. Together we offer tools to achieve this.

For whom is LYKE?

Lyke teaches how to use simple methods and available tools to ensure proper sensory stimulation for the child during school and preschool activities. We show how to meet the developmental needs of children by working with sensory objects. This is an option for all teachers, therapists and parents.

What is important to us ?

We wish to make dealing with everyday challenges easier with our tools. We are not able to eliminate the difficulties that arise in life, but we offer a way to deal with them in a healthy way, so that we can enjoy a happy life. We are a bridge between theory and practice for those who are looking for self-developing techniques, rest, relaxation and working with emotions.

What do sensory tools give?

  • A child with visual or auditory sensitivity needs a safe place to process stimuli (e.g. a sensory tunnel)
  • A child who is looking for touch will like to use objects with different shapes that feel pleasant to touch (e.g. human bag and living bag)
  • A child with a sense of touch needs a place where he can isolate himself (e.g. hollow bag or sensory tunnel / intimate bag)
  • Children who are looking for a proprioceptive experience will enjoy strength and pressure games (e.g. with a massage pouf/rolling bag, relaxation pouf/living bag or human bag)
  • Make the equipment of the therapeutic room or the kindergarten / childcare room more attractive (on objects the children can sit, and play with during breaks)
  • Children who find it difficult to maintain concentration can regulate their own need to squeeze or touch (for example, while sitting on a human bag).
Alle maten van 60x80cm tot 220x240cm in elk type deken mogelijk.

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