Tools & Equipment of therapeutic rooms and kindergartens

Tools & Equipment of therapeutic rooms and kindergartens

SensoLife offers an attractive option for setting up a kindergarten or sensory integration room.

Each child would benefit from a good development :

  • by getting to know his or her own body
  • by exploring the surroundings
  • by learning about the world around you and about yourself

All this through the senses.

Different sensory stimuli have a positive influence on the growth and development of the nervous system. Integration of all sensory organs is crucial for proper functioning.

With our products we show you how, using simple methods and available tools, you can ensure the sensory stimulation of your child during games and activities at school, during therapy or at home.

We show how we can satisfy the child's developmental needs by working with sensory objects. This is a good option and solution for all teachers, therapists or parents. We want to use the tools we offer to make it easier to meet daily challenges.

We are not able to eliminate the difficulties that arise in life, but we do offer a way to deal with them in a healthy way so that the children can live happily.

If you are looking for self-development techniques for the children, more peace, relaxation, ideas for working with emotions, then SensoLife is a perfect solution.

How can our products be used, in what situations are they used?

  • A child with visual or auditory hypersensitivity needs a safe place to close off from stimuli (e.g. sensory or elastic tunnel).
  • A child looking for a touch experience will be happy to use objects with different shapes that are comfortable to the touch (e.g. sensory gloves, snake or pillows).
  • A child with touch sensitivity must have a place where he/she can isolate himself/herself (e.g. sensory or elastic tunnel)
  • Children who are looking for a proprioception experience will enjoy playing with strength and pressure (e.g. sensorol, footstool or therapy role).
Alle maten van 60x80cm tot 220x240cm in elk type deken mogelijk.
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