Weighted blanket "Simply"

Are you looking for a better night's sleep? SensoLife has a solution!

The SensoLife therapy blanket is designed to increase feelings of happiness and relaxation and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Why a weighted blanket?

SensoLife weight blankets reduce stress and anxiety. Because the weight of the SensoLife weighted blanket is 10-25% of your body weight, the blanket wraps around you like a giant hug. This stimulation of pressure therefore stimulates the production of serotonin and melatonin.

The SensoLife weighted blanket SIMPLY is the most popular blanket in our range.

The blanket is made of high-quality cotton on both sides (Oeko-Tex® certificate). Normally this blanket is used in a duvet cover.

With the SIMPLY weighted blankets we offer the possibility to divide the blanket into two equal sections, which are connected by a zip. This allows you to use part of the blanket for daytime relaxation when you only need the blanket for your shoulders or legs. This also makes it easier to wash large and heavy blankets in the washing machine.  Each part can be washed separately.

To improve hygiene, we recommend ordering a duvet cover in the same size as the weighted blanket. Both the duvet cover and the blanket have strings to prevent the blanket from sliding around in the cover. The duvet cover is made of high-quality cotton in patterned or unicoloured versions. We have about 30 patterns and 5 unicolours to choose from. The duvet cover comes with matching pillowcases to make a beautiful complete set. Two pillowcases are supplied as standard with the two-person duvet covers. One pillowcase is supplied for the single duvet covers (up to 150 x 200 cm).

You can design your own weighted blanket! When ordering, choose the colour you want, the size you want and the weight of the blanket.  You can also choose whether you want to divide the blanket into two parts and whether you want extra duvet covers.

Have fun putting together your SensoLife SIMPLY weighted blanket!

Alle maten van 60x80cm tot 220x240cm in elk type deken mogelijk.
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