Hand and leg weights

Hand and leg weights can be used during sensory therapy and facilitate the child's practice of proper motor coordination. Such aids can be used in addition to or during therapeutic activities.

Hand and leg weights are an assistive product for use on the hands or legs, sewn from a cotton and nylon fabric.  The weights are attached with a convenient Velcro strap so that they can be adjusted in width to fit the circumference of the wrist or ankle.

The cotton weights are sewn from a smooth cotton fabric in three colours.  The nylon weights are only available in yellow.

The hand/leg weights are available in 3 weight variants.   By choosing the weight variant you choose a weight for one item.

  • 500 gram
  • 700 gram
  • 1 kg

It is also possible to sew hand/leg weights with a different weight. Please contact us for this via the contact form.

For your convenience and comfort, the weights are prepared in two versions:

  • removable load (bags with removable load, which allows you to change the weight of the load)
  • permanent load

The removable load allows you to freely choose the weights according to your needs.

The fabrics used have an Oeko-Tex® certificate. Thanks to the use of this type of fabric, the weights feel comfortable and stay in place. Two weights are sold together in one set.

Alle maten van 60x80cm tot 220x240cm in elk type deken mogelijk.
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