Weighted sleeping bags

Weighted sleeping bags

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Weighted sleeping bags

 It can sometimes take a long time for your baby to develop its own sleep pattern. Our children's sleep, whether they are able to fall asleep independently or sleep through the night, has a huge impact on their quality of life and energy levels. As adults, we are often used to having less sleep, but for our babies, we would do anything to make sure their sleep is comfortable and restful.

Both adults and children wake up five to eight times a night. It is our body's way of checking that we are safe. Many children cannot fall asleep or sleep through the night because they need deep pressure, which regular sleeping bags do not guarantee. You can put your hand on your child's chest, which helps your baby to fall asleep faster and more calmly. This human hand pressure imitates the weight you can find in our weighted sleeping bags for babies. The baby receives just the right amount of pressure, similar to a tight hug, which gives a feeling of comfort and security. With the weighted sleeping bag, your baby will sleep more peaceful and be less restless during sleep.

Key features:

  • The materials and filling are certified.
  • The filling is sewn into even sections that are evenly distributed over the entire surface of the sleeping bag.
  • You have a choice of approximately 40 different fabric patterns and four size variations.
  • The sleeping bag is not isolated, there is only an outside layer, which consists of high-quality 100% cotton (Oeko-tex®) and glass pearl filling.
  • You determine the weight of the sleeping bag for your child and we sew the sleeping bag for you according to the chosen specification.

The weight of the sleeping bag depends on the weight of your baby. For example, if a baby weighs 10 kg, the weight of the sleeping bag should be 0.75 kg - 1.25 kg.

Weighted sleeping bags are currently quite popular in Scandinavia, but they are also becoming more popular in other European countries.

Alle maten van 60x80cm tot 220x240cm in elk type deken mogelijk.

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