Weighted sleeping bags for baby’s

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Weighted sleeping bags for baby’s

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Weighted sleeping bag for baby’s

A happy, calm child who falls asleep easily at night and sleeps through the night - that is the dream of every parent. Lots of cuddling and playing during the day can certainly help, but that is often not enough. Weighted sleeping bags are sleeping bags with exceptional therapeutic properties that have long been used, especially for disorders such as ADHD, Down's syndrome, Asperger's syndrome or autism, but also for some rare genetic diseases.

Recently, weighted sleeping bags and weighted blankets have been increasingly discussed as a help for insomnia for adults and sleep problems for children. A weighted sleeping bag can help these children and their parents overcome problems falling asleep and sleeping through the night. A weighted sleeping bag is an alternative for children under the age of two who cannot yet sleep with a weighted blanket. The purpose of a weighted blanket or sleeping bag is to stimulate the sensory receptors and thus sensitise the skin, nerves and muscles, which leads to relaxation and, in the long term, to better concentration and awareness of one's own body. The main objective is to apply gentle pressure on the child's body during sleep and stimulate the proprioceptive system (depth sensitivity).

The weight load is only in the part that presses the body during sleep. The sleeping bag provides comfort, especially for children who are very mobile during sleep and it is necessary to limit the leg space.

By default, the weight is distributed on the front, so the standard sleeping bag is designed for children who sleep on their back or side. If your child is a stomach sleeper, we can custom make a sleeping bag for you. To place a special order, please contact us by email.

The weighted baby sleeping bag is made of cotton (Oeko-Tex® certificate), inside is the filling with glass granulate. The children are wonderfully wrapped in their sleeping bags, which makes them fall asleep better.

Weighted baby sleeping bag - advantages

The weight in the sleeping bag provides a better sleep for your baby. A weighted baby sleeping bag helps with babies who have difficulty falling asleep. The weight creates a feeling of safety and security. This ensures that stimuli are suppressed and babies can fall asleep better. In addition, babies fall into a deeper sleep and in the morning they wake up more rested and have more energy to play.

Types of weighted baby sleeping bag

In our offer there are 3 different sizes and a wide range of colours and designs of the material from which the sleeping bag is sewn. The weighted baby sleeping bag is ideal for sleeping in the nursery and at home.

Materials weighted baby sleeping bag

The weighted baby sleeping bag is made of cotton, which has a pattern (Oeko-Tex certificate), has a matching zip so that the product can be used easily. Of course, the weighted baby sleeping bag meets all safety requirements.

Weighted baby sleeping bag from SensoLife

The weighted sleeping bags from SensoLife improve sleep. The sleeping bags are only made of high quality material. This ensures that the weight in the sleeping bag gives optimal results.

Improve your baby's sleep with the weighted baby sleeping bag by SensoLife.

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