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Baby sleeping bags are not only practical but also super cute. They also have many health benefits! It's been proven that children sleep better when they are wrapped snugly and securely, for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is deep pressure stimulation. Sleep experts highly recommend buying a sleeping bag for your child. This way you can ensure that your child sleeps calmly and safely and gets out of bed (or is carried ? ) with the right leg every day.

Villa Bimbi explains the most important advantages

One example of a sleep specialist is Villa Bimbi, a small company that offers sleep support to parents with children aged 0-5. Villa Bimbi explains that it is a good idea to wrap your child before bedtime. You can do this in a suitable wrap or a nice weighted sleeping bag. By wrapping your child tightly, he or she will get the same feeling of safety and security that he or she experienced in the womb. Thanks to this secure feeling, your baby can relax easily, fall asleep earlier and sleep more deeply through the night. Ideal!

Stimulation through deep pressure

The experts also explain why your child sleeps best in a weighted sleeping bag.  A weighted sleeping bag applies even pressure to your child's body. This process is also called deep pressure stimulation. The pressure on the body stimulates your child's brain to produce dopamine and serotonin. These two happy hormones have a strong positive influence on your child's mental health and sleep!

Preventing the activation of the Moro reflex

But these aren't the only benefits of a (weighted) sleeping bag! Have you ever heard of the Moro reflex? Babies up to about 4 months of age may experience sudden and uncontrolled movements when sleeping or being placed in their cot. This can cause them to wake up more quickly or fall out of bed more easily. If you wrap your baby tightly in a sleeping bag, you can reduce the activation of this reflex. This, of course, makes for a better night's sleep. It is also a good idea to put your baby's feet in bed first and only then the head. This also helps to prevent the Moro reflex from being triggered.


When your child reaches the age where they can roll over, it is very important to switch to a sleeping bag. Swaddling with a wrap can lead to unsafe situations. A sleeping bag as opposed to a wrap allows the baby to roll over and prevents the risk of suffocation. What could be more important than your child's safety?

Choice of sleeping bags

Not only sleep experts, but also our many satisfied customers have already discovered the many advantages of our sleeping bags. Would you also like to ensure that your child can sleep as safely and peacefully as possible? Then take a look at our wide range of sleeping bags. We have sleeping bags in all shapes, sizes and colours! You can find the ideal sleeping bag for your child at


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