Buckwheat pillow

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The pillow serves primarily as a standard pillow for sleeping, and at the same time can be used as support for different parts of the body. It is sewn from raw cotton and is sold together with a pillowcase (100% cotton)
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  • 35 x 55 cm


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Therapeutic pillow made of ecological cotton (Oeko-Tex certificate), filled with buckwheat hulls.

The pillow guarantees good support even if the user moves frequently during sleep. Ideal for people who suffer from neck and muscle pain. A better sleeping position provides better muscle support and relieves neck and back pain. Buckwheat pillows are one of the best options for back and side sleepers. Customer experiences show that the pillow minimizes snoring due to its strong head support during sleep.

Cleaning advice: For hygiene reasons, we recommend putting the pillow in a pillowcase. The pillow is closed with a hidden zipper. This solution makes it easier to keep the pillow clean - just pour buckwheat hulls into a container and wash the pillowcase in the washing machine. The buckwheat pillow cannot be machine washed.

Smell: New buckwheat pillows have an intense specific smell that many people may not find very pleasant in the beginning. This is a very individual matter.

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