Colorful sensory tunnel - cotton grey

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  • Size S - 60 cm (diameter) x 70 cm (length)
  • Size M - 70 cm (diameter) x 90 cm (length)
  • Size L - 70 cm (diameter) x 120 cm (length).


  • Closed - without the possibility of removing the styrofoam.
  • Open - with a removable styrofoam insert


Shipping: about 7-10 working days. Due to the huge size of the package, shipping costs for this product are quite high and included in the price of the product.

Cleaning instruction: Wet cleaning


Dive into the magical world of sensory tunnel!

SensoLife sensory tunnel is a unique product that offers children an unforgettable sensory experience. Our sensory tunnel is designed to help children cope better with stimuli, soothe and stimulate both during therapy and play at home. Using the tunnel through play can stimulate sensory integration, improve touch, balance and proprioception, and enhance overall well-being.

One of the main uses of the sensory tunnel is in therapies for children with sensory processing difficulties. Therapists have found that using the sensory tunnel helps children with sensory processing problems to handle stimuli better and improve their alertness and concentration. It helps children relax, sleep better and concentrate better at school.
But this tunnel is not just for use in therapies. It is also a great tool for children to use at home while playing. Our sensory tunnel is a place where children can play, hide and let their imaginations run wild. The product can be used for sitting, pressing, lying and rolling.
Children themselves enjoy the tunnel because it offers them a place where they can retreat and create their own world.

In short, our sensory tunnel is an innovative and versatile product that is a valuable addition both in therapy and at home. It offers children a unique sensory experience and helps them develop in different areas. Discover the magic of the sensory tunnel and give your child the chance to discover, learn and grow!

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