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Product weight: 10.5 kg


  • Diameter: 30-70 cm
  • Height: 15-20 cm


Shipping: about 10 working days


A rolling bag is a sensory object perfect for full body massage, to roll it over the body. You could say that it is a massager in motion. Children quickly relax under the influence of the Rolling Bag, mainly because the weight of this product presses them a little. But also because the object provides many very pleasant tactile experiences in the undulating phase that rolls through the child's body.

This object is also audible through the buckwheat husk as a filling, the pouf is very easy to use by the child himself.  So you can push it, push through it, push down, you can also hold it very easily. It has its own weight, but it is not too heavy. So we can safely put it on a small three-year-old child. Thanks to the imagination and creative inventions and stories about what this object can be - a disturbing wave, a pile of sand flowing through it - children are ready to ask to repeat this activity. This is because they feel their whole body through very pleasant tactile experiences.

Why is this important? Because at the level of deep feelings, namely the proprioceptive system, which is part of a young child's entire nervous system, we need to know what "body" we are in. So what is our body? How big and how long is it?  This sense of our own body gives us great pleasure in being ourselves. This is the psychological aspect that always occurs when working with a rolling bag. We calm the nervous system, control our emotions, that is, we come to rest and relax.  We begin to concentrate on the body. Concentration is an aspect that is very important when working with Rolling Bag.

Cleaning instructions: 40 degrees, program for soft fabrics

Example of playing with the massage pouf

The child lies on its stomach on the floor or on the sensorol. The caregiver slowly places a massage puff on the child's body - a "wave" flows through the body. The massage stops every moment and the caregiver asks "Where is the wave now?". At the end of the massage, the caregiver presses the pouf onto the child's body and starts swinging it a little. The child can imagine that it is a ship at sea.

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