SENSOR ROLL Human Bag basic

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Human Bag stands for a sensory roll.  It is an object divided into zones. This is how we can hold it. It is designed to be a good hug. Therefore, children often like to cuddle with this object and treat it like a hug.


Product weight: 7 kg

Sizes :

  • Length: 130 - 150 cm
  • Width: 30 - 50 cm
  • Height: 20 - 30 cm


Shipping: about 10 working days


Human Bag resembles a little man, although he has no eyes, ears or hair. Children always see in him a person, a living being, so it is very good to make friends with him.  Besides cuddling, it is good to work with pushing and pulling this object, which helps us stimulate the vestibular system, that is, the sense of balance.

In addition, we can put it on ourselves to feel the deep pressure, which means we can strengthen our deep pressure system, which develops our body awareness and helps to calm down and relax.

Children invent various games with this object, which is very creative. Walking on the object greatly improves visual and motor coordination.  This coordination is very important for the development of the child. Pressing on the object with the feet and hands, as well as with the whole body, stimulates the entire surface of the skin. Walking on the object greatly strengthens visual and motor coordination.

This coordination is very important for the child's development.  Pressing into the object not only with the feet and hands but also with the whole body stimulates the whole skin surface. The skin, as the largest external human surface organ, absolutely needs this stimulation. What for? To make us feel good, to balance our emotions, to regulate our feelings, but also to stimulate the nervous system. To bring it to rest and well-being.

Human Bag is an abstract tool, thanks to its shape and weight (the large Human Bag weighs 18 kg, the small 7 kg) allows us to offer different solutions.

Cleaning instructions: 40 degrees, program for soft fabrics.

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