Sensory Puff / Living Bag - basic

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The sensory puff is filled with natural buckwheat husk.

  • Product weight: 9,5 kg
  • Sizes depending on the position of the puff:
    • Diameter: 45 - 55 cm
    • Height: 25-30 cm
  • There are 3 colors to choose from


Shipping: about 10 working days


The main features of the sensory pouf are improving memory function and applying the necessary pressure that supports each child's sensory system. Playing with the sensory pouf or using it during therapy guarantees self-massage, supports the joints, muscles and spinal system.

The sensory pouf is made of a very nice thermoactive material that gives the impression of a second skin. It is a transparent material, which means that the child sees the outside world. It is a seamless knitted fabric of the highest quality, hypoallergenic, with certified non-toxic threads.

Cleaning instructions: 40 degrees, program for soft fabrics.

Example of playing with the sensory puff

Together with the children, create a path from "soft stones", for example, from the sensory poufs. The child's task is to walk or jump from stone to stone. He can roll it in front of them, behind them and even above them like a ball. The goal of the game is not to touch the ground.

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Dark Blue, Light Grey, Orange

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