Sleeping tunnel - Small / Mint green

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Sleeping tunnel "Zzsleeptunnel"

A sleep tunnel is a kind of sock / cover that is pulled over the mattress. The sleep tunnel is an ideal alternative to the weighted blanket if the child does not accept the blanket or is so mobile at night that the weighted blanket falls off.
The sleep tunnel provides a deep pressure that triggers a feeling of security and calmness, thus accelerating falling asleep and improving the quality of sleep.

  • Colour: mint green
  • Size: suitable for mattresses 80 cm wide, 20 cm high and 200 cm long
  • Fabric: 100% Lycra

Shipping: approx 2-3 working days.


The sleep tunnel is primarily intended for children, but can also be used by adults. The tunnel is available in 4 sizes and different colours made of Lycra.

The sleep tunnel offers a solution for overstimulation, helps children with high sensitivity and various SI disorders such as autism or ADHD to sleep better, calm down faster and relax more easily. The sleep tunnel helps to process stimuli and gives a feeling of peace and security.

The material from which the sleep tunnel is made is high-quality Lycra, which feels pleasant on the skin and is very elastic. The lightness of this product makes it an ideal alternative to a weighted sleeping bag or blanket when you are going on holiday or sleeping somewhere else where carrying a weighted blanket can be difficult.

The fabric of the sleeping tunnel provides the right amount of pressure on your body, but thanks to the stretchiness of the fabric, you can move and turn freely. The tunnel is placed on the mattress like a blanket or a big sock, the child goes into the tunnel and covers himself with his normal duvet.

The pressure of the sleep tunnel gives the child a cosy feeling, comparable to swaddling babies, which adds to the feeling of peace and security.

For children who need more pressure and weight, we offer our therapy blankets or weighted sleeping bags.

Washing instructions: 40 degrees, do not tumble dry.

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