Specialised therapy weighted vest

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  • Size / Weight
    • XS ( body length <110cm - height 36cm, width: 34cm); standard weight 1,8 kg (10 pockets)
    • S (body length 110 - 125cm - height 42cm, width: 36cm); standard weight 2,1 kg (12 pockets)
    • M (body length 125 - 140cm - height: 46cm, width: 42cm); standard weight 2,8 kg (16 pockets)
    • L (body length 140 - 155cm - height: 52cm, width: 46cm); standard weight 3,6 kg (20 pockets)
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The weighted vest helps with concentration problems and is an ideal tool for children and adults who have difficulty processing stimuli. This can be due to autism, ADHD or a sensory integration disorder. The weighted vests also suitable for very active and mobile people who cannot always sit still at school or work. The weighted vest can be used in class, in therapy or in other situations where the user needs to sit still and concentrate. It can be used during lessons at school, at work in the office and of course in therapy.

The SensoLife weighted vest helps to stimulate the child's proprioceptive system. The deep stimulation of this system calms and relaxes the child's body and significantly improves their concentration. It is mainly used in therapy during physical activities and in everyday life.

The weighted vest is a typical item for therapeutic purposes.

The therapeutic weighted vest has large pockets on the outside for inserting weight bags. Such a solution makes it possible to put a heavy load in the vest (more than 5% of the body weight) and simplifies a smooth weight adjustment.

The straps allow the waistcoat to be adjusted to the user's body. The weight bags are evenly distributed on the front and back of the weighted vest. A single bag weights 180 g. You can also order additional bags together with the weighted vest.

The SensoLife specialised therapy weighted vest is primarily designed for use in therapy and rehabilitation clinics and centres, hospitals, schools, kindergartens and rehabilitation rooms of all kinds - wherever a high weight load is required and the weighted vest is used by several patients, as the weights can be easily changed. It is also ideal for daily therapy for children who require large weights.

The SensoLife weighted vest are sewn from ribbed velvet and even after many washes the material remains unchanged and retains its therapeutic effect.

The weighted vest are produced in sizes XS to L. It is possible to sew a weighted vest in non-standard sizes. Please contact us for this via the contact form.

Washing instructions: The weighted vest can be washed in the washing machine like a normal clothing item after the weight bags have been removed.

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