The elastic circle

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The elastic circle gives children the opportunity to strengthen social relations with the group or to build new ones in a fun and relaxed way.

It is perfect for outdoor play and it is an alternative to our other product - the sensory sox.

  • The circle is made of 100% lycra
  • Dimensions: 750 cm circumference, 240 cm diameter, 140 cm height
  • Maximum number of people: 13


The elastic circle is ideal for kindergartens, group therapies, birthday parties and other fun activities at school and childcare facilities.

Users of the circle feel the pressure of the material on their own bodies and the movements of others in the circle. It integrates, develops teamwork and encourages creativity. The group can coordinate their movements. The enclosed space of the circle gives a feeling of security.

It is perfect for outdoor play and an alternative to our other product - Sensory sox.

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