The advantages of a weighted blanket

voordelen verzwaringsdeken

We all know the feeling of a firm hug. A moment to relax. It feels safe, warm and familiar, with all the tension slowly disappearing from your body. What if you can't get a good night's sleep? Just because there's so much unrest in your body? A weighted blanket can help with this.

A good night's sleep
As everyone knows, a good night's sleep is very important for optimal health. By sleeping sufficiently and well, you reduce the risk of stress, anxiety, depression, burn-out and other mental and physical complaints due to long-term fatigue. In addition, a bad night's sleep also makes the nervous system more sensitive to stimuli that enter through the senses. This can affect your well-being, emotional state and work performance.
What to do with a bad night's sleep?
More than 30% of people have trouble sleeping. A common solution is to use sleeping pills. But there's another way. There are some quiet evening rituals, avoiding screen use or breathing exercises an hour before bed. But what if you don't have the time or you are not disciplined enough for this? Of course, it does have an influence on the way your day structure works. I guess I'll just grab those pills again. No. Better not.
Baby time. Do you remember? Probably not. But when you were a baby, you were most likely wrapped in a blanket when you were restless or when it was time to sleep. Swaddling means wrapping firmly in a cloth. This cloth makes you feel safe. A similar feeling as the one you're experiencing in the womb. Swaddling is a way to get babies into a quiet deep sleep.

The effects of a deep pressure
People who have problems with falling asleep or sleeping or stimulus processing can benefit greatly from deep pressure. The deep pressure is directly connected to the brain and has a regulating effect on the stimulation process. By applying deep pressure to the muscles, tendons and joints, the brain receives a signal that you are in a safe position. This will relax the body and reduce the feeling of stress, anxiety or anxiety. The result is that you can also fall asleep more easily.

The effects of a weighted blanket
A weighted blanket is not just a blanket, but a blanket with extra weight. This blanket is heavier and as a result the pressure is exerted on the deep sensors in the body. Remember the muscles, tendons and joints. This will have the same effect as those firm hugging and swaddling babies we've been talking about before. Which blanket is suitable for you or your child depends on the height and weight of the body. It is recommended that the weighted blanket is approximately 10% – 20% of the user's body weight. To experience the optimal effect, it is important that the weighted blanket is properly tailored to the user. In case of doubt, you can always seek advice from an occupational therapist. Is there any heart problem with the user? First, talk to the GP or occupational therapist about what are the best options.
Have a good night's sleep!


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